Hello! I am a young person who aspires to become an architect. Instead, I leave school and become young delinquents. For finally completed in a young offender rehabilitation center. It was to last only five days, fifteen days. It was 21 days since I was cloistered in a youth center, deprived of my freedom. I decided to flee.
To save myself without being noticed, I had to jump from the window of my room, three stories high. Fortunately it was winter. I simulate my figure under the covers and in less than two, I was on the ground, one shoe less, the other remaining at the bottom of the snow bank.

After eight fugues and three years of homeless life. I was sent by the Quebec social services to the Tilly Youth Center (juvenile prison). Right in front of Gomin House (former prison for women). I stayed there until the dawn of my 18 years, I remember the date of my release. At the age of 17, June 23, 1990. This day of Quebec’s National Day was the happiest day of my life.

October 14, 1999, opening of Info-Jeunes Plus, a local organization quickly become regional. Five years later, in October 2004, Info-Jeunes Canada opened its doors.

Twenty years later, June 12, 2019, Info-Jeunes International
was created.

Thank you for helping us help young people.