First of all, allow me to give you a little summary of my life. This will help you understand all the interest and importance that I have in my project. Born into a family of three, I did not have a restful adolescence. Placed in a youth center, I made several runaways which led me to live on the street. From this experience, I quickly realized that it was difficult for a young person to find the appropriate resources to regain control of his life. A few years later, I received my secondary V equivalency diploma and held all kinds of jobs. However, in my heart I had a desire, a project that I wanted to set up and which, I hoped, would allow young people struggling with various difficulties to get out of it as I had done.

From this desire to help others, in 1999 Info-Youth Plus was born. After a few years putting together a directory of resources, creating various projects such as a community kitchen, Info-Youth Plus turned into Info-Youth Canada. My project was gaining momentum, the number of young people using our services increased from year to year. The repertoire went beyond the borders of Quebec to reach those of Canada.

Today, 20 years later, this project still makes me dream and is dear to my heart more than ever. I would like to bring it to a whole new level, that of international aid. The Info-Youth formula has no real borders and young people all over the world need help. I have already started to list resources from various continents. Help resources, but also those with which Info-Youth International could create a partnership all over the world. Emmanuel F.