I was a young man who aspired to become an architect. Instead, I left school and made the wrong choices. Finally ending up in a young offender rehabiIitation center. It was supposed to last five days, but instead 21 days passed before I decided to flee.

After running away eight times from the center, and spent three years on the street, I was sent by social services in Quebec to the Tilly Youth Center (juvenile prison). I stayed there until I was almost 18 years old, I still remember the day I was freed: June 23, 1990. This day of Quebec’s National Day was the happiest day of my life.

October 14, 1999, opening of Info-Jeunes Plus, a local organization that quickly becomes provincial. Five years later, in October 2004, Info-Youth Canada opened its doors. Twenty years later,June 12, 2019, Info-Youth International was created.