After having lived a difficult childhood and an eventful adolescence, Emmanuel had to carry out a course strewn with pitfalls to regain his life in hand. This ordeal of life made him stronger and led him to question human and youth rights, the nature of human relationships in a societal environment. Philanthropist and dynamic, it was then that he thought of setting up a project that would help young people to cope better with difficulties, to find hope. It’s in this perspective that Info-Youth was created.

In 1999, he then started his first project called Info-Youth Plus, an organization which supports young people in difficulty by providing them with information-advice services and collective kitchens. Quickly, we saw that the number of people in need of appropriate resources was far greater than anyone could imagine. It was then that we decided to expand our network by developing collaborations in the rest of Canada. This is how our growing project and Info-Youth Plus was transformed into Info-Youth Canada in December 2002.

Today, 21 years later. We would like to extend our services to a whole new level, that of international development. The Info-Youth formula has no real borders and young people around the world need help. We plan to contribute to the international aid project by providing our advisory services to young people in difficulty around the world to have a more fulfilled youth.