Info-Youth International

World anti-bullying association which aims to offer young people a place of information and assistance, supported by an information site on the Internet.

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NFOYOO is a platform intended to direct young people to the right resources.

Whether you are looking for information about your future prospects or whether you are in a precarious situation. A team of qualified young professionals is there for you.

Our mission is to offer young people a place of information and assistance

NFOYOO International

Info-Youth International - World Anti-Bullying Association offering assistance to young people

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Our association organizes promotional activities and fundraising to finance the sustainability of the organization and the development of our NFOYOO resource platform.

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Are you interested in international development? We are looking for volunteers, brand ambassadors, development agents and communication agents. Contact us!

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This association is the result of a team of volunteers, social workers and communication advisers promoting an approach of intersubjectivity, consisting in putting oneself in the place of the other, seeing things from their point of view, understanding and guide young people.

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Info-Youth International
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