Our history

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The narrative story of the project

Allow us to give you a brief summary of the life of Emmanuel the Founder.
Born into a family of three children, he did not have an easy adolescence. Placed in
reception centre, he ran away several times which led him to live on the streets. By this
experience, he quickly realized that it was difficult for a young person to
find the appropriate resources to take control of your life. A few years
later, he received his secondary V equivalence diploma and accumulated
jobs of all kinds. However, deep inside he had a desire,
a project he wanted to set up and which, he hoped,
would allow young people with various difficulties
to get out of it like he did.

From this desire to help others, in 1999, Info-Jeunes Plus was born. After some
years putting together a directory of resources, creating various projects such as a
community kitchen, Info-Jeunes Plus became Info-Jeunes Canada. the
project was growing, the number of young people using our services
was growing year by year. The repertoire went beyond the borders of Quebec to
reach those of Canada.

Today, 20 years later, this project still makes him dream and is close to his heart more than
never. He would like to bring it to a completely different level, that of international aid. The
Info-Jeunes formula really has no borders and all over the world
young people need help. We have already started listing the resources of various
continents. Help resources, but also those with whom Info-Jeunes could create
partnerships all over the world.
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NFOYOO International

Info-Youth International - World Anti-Bullying and Youth Helpline Association.

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Our association organizes promotional activities and fundraising to finance the sustainability of the organization and the development of our NFOYOO resource platform.

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