International Advisory Information Access Initiative :

À propos:

Info-Jeunes international is a global organization managed and administered by Info-Jeunes Canada.It is an info-advice resource platform intended to orient young people. Every day we work to develop communication strategies and an advisory approach in order to give better orientation to young people who are in need to have a conscious and more fulfilled youth.

Whether you are looking for information about your future perspective or whether you are in a vulnerable situation, we are here for you. A team of qualified young professionals guides you at different steps of your process and helps you to become the person you want to be. We make every effort to fulfill our promise to you: friendliness and serenity.

Sources of information: websites, reference documents, guides, referencing … all sources of information are available to support you in your efforts.

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Notre mission:

Notre mission est de promouvoir le développement social et surtout le bien-être des jeunes de 5 à 35 ans. L’œuvre est le fruit d’une équipe de bénévoles, d’intervenants sociaux et d’experts en communications, pour mettre en œuvre des cuisines collectives et des ateliers créatifs qui rassemblent les jeunes autour d’un projet solidaire de société. Notre devise “Les Jeunes, notre avenir” puise sa force dans la créativité et la valorisation des jeunes.

Nos services:

  • Centre informations-consiels pour jeunes de 5 à 35 ans.
  • Outil répertoire mondial accessible au

    Formulaire contact, confidentiel.